Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (Two-Year Plan 49 Units)


Fall Semester Spring Semester
Co. No. Courses Units Co. No. Courses Units
First Year   First Year
BT503 Study of  Testaments 3 ST523 Systematic Theology II 3
ST513 Systematic Theology I 3 LT593 Cross-cultural Leadership 3
CO514 Psychopathology & Counseling 3 CO523 Crisis Intervention & Grief Counseling 3
CO515 Integration of Psychology & Theology 3 CC540 Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Counseling 3
PT501 Ministry Formation 0.5 PT502 Ministry Formation 0.5
12.5 12.5
Second Year   Second Year
SF534 Foundations of Spiritual Formation 3 CO564 Cross Cultural Counseling 3
CO553 Marriage, Family & Christianity 3 CO593 Laws & Ethics in Christian Counseling 3
CO583 Pastoral Care & Counseling 3 CC572 Christian Counseling Internship II 3
CC571 Christian Counseling Internship I 3 GS593 Integrative Exit Seminar in Counseling 3
12 12
Electives :    CO534 Inner Healing

Personal Assessment & Growth: Master level students are required to take MMPI 2 assessment to check their own mental health conditions and if needed receive counseling to be equipped.

Pre-requisite: (9 units)

1.  CO233 Personal Foundation from Whole Person Approach of Christian Counseling

(personal awareness and growth as a counselor)

2.  CO213 Intro to Psychology (*pre-requisite)

3.  CO303 Lifespan Development & Counseling