Forms for Admission 

Admission & Registration Process

Admission Document Check List

Admission Document Check List (Spanish) 

Application for Admission  

Application for Admission (Spanish)  

Recommendation Form by Church Leader

Recommendation Form by Church Leader (Spanish)

Recommendation Form by Teacher / Employer

Recommendation Form by Teacher / Employer (Spanish)

Affirmation Statement

Affirmation Statement (Spanish)

The Policy of Credit Transfer 

Enrollment Agreement BA

Enrollment Agreement BACC

Enrollment Agreement MACE

Enrollment Agreement MACC

Enrollment Agreement MAICS

Enrollment Agreement M.Div

Enrollment Agreement D.Miss

Enrollment Agreement Ph.D

Admissions Package

Re-Admissions Application Form

Federal Student Aid(FSA)

Forms for F1 International Student F1

I-20 New and Transfer Student Application(Common Documents)

Statement Financial Support

Travel Authorization (Word file)

– F1 Visa Application Process

– F-1 New Student Application (Initial) 

I-20 REQUEST Application-New

I-20 REQUEST Application-Reissue

I-20 Transfer Application

International Student Affirmation Statement (Word file)

– I-20 Program Extension Request Form for International Students(ENGLISH)

– I-20 Program Extension Request Form for International Students(KOREAN)

– OPT (Optional Practical Training) Application Form

– CPT (Curricular Practical Training) Application Form

– Social Security Number(SSN) Application Form

Forms for Scholarship and Financial, Payment_Plan 

Scholarship Infomation 

Application for Tuition Payment Plan 

Application for Work Scholarship (Word file)

1098 T Tuition Statement

Forms for Federal Student Aid(FSA) 

Credit Balance Receipt (Word file)

– [New] Academic Progressive Request

Forms for Registration 

Registration Slip for Independent Study

Registration Slip for Incomplete-Retake Registration (Word file)

Registration Add Drop slip (Word file)

Forms for Student Activity 

Club Application (Word file)

Club Activity Report Form (Word file)

Class Monitor Application Form

– [New] Appeal for Complain Form

Forms for Request 

Student ID / Library ID Aplication

Student E-mail Application

Grade Change Form (Word file) , PDF file

Graduation Request Form

Graduation Procedure Check Lists

Leave of Absence Application 

Withdraw Application

Program Change Application Form

SCATLA Application Form (Southern California Theological Library Association)

GMU Student Care Program Application

Manuals for Distance and Independent Study 

Manual for Distance Study 

Distance Education Student Proctor Report Form 

Manual for Independent Study  

– Distance Education Information  

Online Application Forms 


Online-Support Request Form

Transcript & Offical Document Request Form

MP3 file request form

Report and Gaduation thesis Templates 

Report and graduation thesis Templates(Zip File)

* Greek Keys & Fonts(Zip File)

* Download the PDF reader