All faculty members at Grace Mission University are qualified with appropriate degrees from accredited institutions in U.S.A. and other countries.


Full Time Faculty


Choi, Kyunam

Church History, Systematic Theology, Power Evangelism

Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1988

Th.M. (Cand.), Fuller Theological Seminary

MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1995

M.S., Louisiana State University, 1984

B.S., Sogang University, 1978


Kim, Hyunwan

Education, Biblical Studies, Theology

Ph.D., Biola University, 2007

Th.M., Biola University, 2001

MDiv, Chong-Shin University, 1996

BA, Calvin University, 1993


Yi, Cheol

Old Testament, Intercultural Education

Ph.D., Biola University, 2009

MDiv, Biola University, 2002

MA, Biola University, 1999

BA, Kon Kuk University, 1996



Adjunct Part-Time Professors


Kim, Byonghark

Preaching, Christian Spirituality

D.Min, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2006

Th.M., International Theological Seminary, 2001

MDiv, Chongshin Theological Seminary, 1998

BA, Chongshin University, 1995


Lee, Sung W.

Christian Education, Psychology, General Education

Ph.D., Biola University, 1999

MA, University of Southern California, 1970

BA, Yonsei University, 1965


Koo, Bon Chul.

Theology, New Testament

D.Min (Cand.)., Biola University,

Th.M, Biola University (1999)

MDiv, Biola University, (1997)

B.A., Sung-Kyun-Kwan University (1981)


Kang, Seoki.

D. Differentology(cand)–California Difference University

D. Min–Talbot Seminary(2012)

MA Christian Education–Talbot Seminary (2003)


Kim, Chulwon.

Old Testament

Ph.D., Old Testament – Fuller Theological Seminary (2006)

MA., Old Testament  – Fuller Theological Seminary (1994)

Th.M., – Chongshin Theological Seminary (1988)

MDiv, – Chongshin Theological Seminary (1985)

BA., – Chongshin Theological Seminary (1981)


Cho, James.

PhD (cand.)., Biola University (present)

MDiv, Biola Univversity (2003)

B.S., UCLA (1993)


Prell, Jan.

PhD., University for Humanistic Studies, Del Mar (1989)

MA, University for Humanistic Studies (1986)

B.B.MA Horizon College San Diego (2004)

B.A., California College of Holistic Health (1994)


Baik. Sungyul

MA, Talbot School of Theology (2001)

ThM., Talbot School of Theology (1999)

B.B.MA Horizon College San Diego (2004)

B.A., University of Suwon (1989)


Kim, Daesub

D.Miss (cand.)., Fuller Theological Seminary (present)

ThM., Fuller Theological Seminary (1999)

MDiv, Seoul Theological Seminary (1996)

B.A., Seoul Theological University (1993)


Ko, Myunghee

PhD., Kosin University

M.C.E., Evangelia University

B.A., Evangelia University


Yune, Joseph

D.MA, University of Southern California (2008)

M.M., University of Southern California (1998)

B.M., California State University, Long Beach (1995)


Jun, Byongjoo

Old Testament

D.Min(Cand.), Biola University

Th.M., Biola University, 2008

M.T.S., Laidlaw College, 2006

M.Div., Chongshin University, 1998

B.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 1995


Koo, James

Church Administration, IT, NPO, Business Mission

Doctor of Intercultural Studies, Western Seminary (present)

MAICS., Fuller Theological Seminary

DBA(Cand.), Pacific State University

MBA., Dongguk University

B.S., Korea University


Lee, David Changsoo

Ministry Formation, Exit Seminar

Doctor of Missiology; GMU

Master of Divinity; GMU

BA; Yonsei University