Temporary Closed to May 31

Grace Mission University Temporary Closed to May 31   Please contact 714-525-0088 Email gmu@gm.edu LiveChat at www.gm.edu Zoom join: 441-481-9133   March 19, 2020 We are temporarily closing our offices; we will not be accepting walk-ins until further notice from the U.S. health officials and the city government. We will still be accepting phone calls…

[BPPE] Notice to Students

Notice to Students This institution is subject to regular compliance inspections by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Information regarding the dates of inspections conducted and the results of those inspections can be found at the Bureau’s website at www.bppe.ca.gov. This Institution was last inspected on June 27, 2019 More Information https://www.bppe.ca.gov/enforcement/compliance.shtml  

Moodle site access required to click the link at the school website

Currently, massive server hacking and security issues, Moodle site access required to click the link at the school website (http://www.gm.edu). A student can access click the link at the menu (Site & Request Link => Moodle E-Learning Site) Please find attached screen captures to see the link at the school website. Thanks

Student Portal link

Student Portal -http://student.gm.edu -Access Student Services such as Class Registration, Scholarship, Grade Adjustment, Degree Plan, and etc. You may only take classes which you have officially registered for. Online Service Request -Use Online Service Request if you have a question regarding our School and its Administration.

Old Moodle Link:

Pre-Fall 2018 Moodle Link: You are currently on the new Moodle page. Please use the link below in order to use the older version of Moodle. Pre-Fall 2018 Moodle Link: online.gm.edu

Website is Updated

School Website is updated School main homepage http://www.gm.edu moodle e-learning Service http://moodle.gm.edu Student portal http://student.gm.edu Library http://library.gm.edu E-Book http://ebook.gm.edu Thanks Department of Administration